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Bitterroot River

The Bitterroot River

The Bitterroot River
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The Bitterroot River in Montana is a medium sized stream that begins with the confluence of the East Fork Bitterroot and the West Fork Bitterroot near Connor, MT. It flows through the scenic Bitterroot Valley on its way to the confluence with the Clark Fork near Missoula, MT.

The Bitterroot River flows through some wonderful scenery. The Sapphire mountains rise to the east while the Bitterroot mountains are found to the west. The Bitterroot Valley itself is lush by Montana standards, and is also located in a sort of banana belt. While it can get cold during the winter in the Bitterroot Valley, real cold days, like eastern and central Montana experiences, are the exception and not the rule.

Unlike many of the rivers located in Montana that flow through isolated and remote country, the Bitterroot Valley is fairly well-developed, and also compromises the fastest growing region of Montana. As a result, services and other amenities are easy to find.

The Bitterroot River has moderate fly fishing pressure in relation to other Montana rivers. During the early season, fly fishing pressure can be heavy, but tapers off as the summer wears on.

The river has moderate flows in its upper stretches with slower stretches below Florence. The banks of the Bitterroot River are a mix of woodland and grass, as the valley is a prime agricultural area in Montana.

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