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Scenic valley on upper Rock Creek
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Rock Creek provides the floater with a wonderful float. However, if you plan on floating the river between July 1st and November 30th, plan on leaving your fishing gear in the truck. To prevent this small river from being over-run by guided float parties, no fishing from boats is allowed on the river during this time. You can bring your fishing gear, though. Just only fish when on shore.

This does not mean, however, that you can't float the river. Indeed, since no guided fishing floats are allowed, a floater on Rock Creek will rarely see another raft on the river. Instead, what a floater is likely to encounter is numerous bank fisherman. Since the river is of only moderate width and not very deep, floaters are likely to encounter anglers right in the middle of the river. Due to the quick flow of the river, courtesy and alertness is required to avoid any unpleasant encounters between recreational floaters and shore anglers.

Floating on Rock Creek can begin at the confluence of the East and West forks. During higher water, floating can even begin further up on one of the forks.

Beginning from its origin at the confluence of the East Fork Rock Creek and West Fork Rock Creek, the river is easily floatable by beginners for the next thirty or so miles, all the way down the river to an access point known as Henrys Flat. When floating this section, all a beginner is likely to encounter are some small waves and lots of riffles.

Beginning just downstream from Henrys Flat, the whitewater portion of Rock Creek begins, and lasts for more than four miles, called the Dalles rapids. Numerous Class II and Class III rapids exist. The river moves extremely fast through this section and can also become quite narrow. Large boulders in the middle of the river are also found.

Below the Dalles rapids, the river slows down out as it flows onward for another twelve miles to the confluence with the Clark Fork.

Rock Creek : Selected River Miles

Listed below are selected river miles for the Rock Creek in Montana. Also remember that since the Rock Creek flows through National Forest lands for most of its length, countless unofficial access sites exist right off the road.

Confluence of the West Fork and East Fork Rock Creek: 51
Gillies Bridge FAS: 43.4
Harry's Flat: 17.5
Dalles Campground: 14.5
Norton Access Site: 12
Valley of the Moon Campground: 3
Clark Fork: 0

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