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Raft Oars and Oarlocks

Raft Oars & Oarlocks

Rafts and oars go hand in hand. A raft without an oar is "just a bit" difficult to control, although rafting a river rapids without a oar is certainly a recipe for some interesting stories at the end of the day.

Humor aside, anyone who buys or has a raft requires some quality oars to allow the paddler to control the boat. There are LOTS of differnet types/sizes of oars available. If you're unsure of what to get, be sure to read the Guide to Oars for more information. Lastly, don't forget to pick up a spare oar, too. It need not be the best of oars around, just something that allows you get down the river if your primary oar breaks or "wanders off."

All of the oars and oarlocks below are available through NRS.

Oars & Oarlocks

Carlisle Oar Blade 6-1/2" Outfitter

Carlisle Oar Blade 8" Outfitter

Carlisle 2-Piece Economy Oar

Carlisle Oar Shaft

Carlisle Economy Oar

Carlisle Oar Shaft Extender

Carlisle 2-Piece Oar Shaft

Cataract Oar Blade Protector

Cataract Oar Counterbalance Sleeves

Cataract Oar Blades 6 1/4"

Cataract Oar Magnum Blade 7"

Cataract Cutthroat Oar Blade

Replacement Cataract Oar Grip

Cataract SGG Counterbalance Shaft with Wrap & Stop

Cataract X-Wound Oar Shaft

Cataract SGX Oar Shaft

Cataract SGG Shaft with Wrap & Stop

Cataract SGG Oar Shaft

Cataract 2-Piece Mini Mag Oar

Cataract Oar Portage and Storage Bag

Carlisle Blade Push Button Assembly

Replacement Carlisle Foam Oar Grip

Sawyer Tite Set Oar Blade Tool

NRS Spare Oar Keeper

NRS Oar Tethers

Sawyer Vinyl Oar Tip Protector

Cataract Counterweight Set Screws

NRS Small Molded Oar Sleeve

Oarlock Stainless Springs

Rubber Oar Stopper

Steel Oarlock Stands

Replacement Oar Clip Hose Clamps

Oar Pins and Clips Sets

Sawyer Cobra Oarlocks

NRS Superston Open Oarlocks

NRS Superston Oarlocks - 1/2" Shank

NRS Atomic Aluminum Oarlocks

NRS Mini Aluminum Oarlocks

Convertible Oar Right

Replacement Pin Top for Pin & Clips

Extra Oar Clip with Clamps

Oar Rights

Molded Oar Sleeve

NRS Oar Stirrups

Plastic Oar Stoppers

Carlson Oar Stirrups

Extra 9" or 12" Oar Pin

Lynch Pin Oarlock Keeper

Replacement Oarlock Split Ring

PVC Sleeve for 9" or 12" Pin

Sawyer Duramax Oar Blade

Sawyer Standard Utility Oar

Sawyer Square Top DyneLite Oar with Wrap & Stop

Sawyer Wide DyneLite Oar Blade

Sawyer Smoker WW Oar Blade

Prices are subject to change. Use prices as a guide only.

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