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Pontoon Boats make great dedicated fishing boats

Anglers come from the world over to fish in Montana. And happily, Montana has very "wade friendly" waters to fish on. Unfortunately, these wade friendly areas tend to be quite crowded and fished heavily - as the wade friendly areas are usually the most accessible places.

Because of this, more and more anglers are turning to using a fishing boat of one kind or another. And this makes full sense.

Advantages of a Fly Fishing Boat

A fishing boat for fly fishing provides numerous advantages. These include the following, among others:

Reach Inaccessible Areas - This should go without saying, but with a fishing boat, you can reach areas that a wade angler could never reach.

Cover Far More Water - This is one of the greatest assets of a fishing boat - to cover huge amounts of water. While this isn't always a good thing (its all too easy to blow right by a good area without knowing it), by and large, its usually a good thing to cover more water than not. Besides, with a boat, you can float down to good water and then start to wade fish - giving you the best of both worlds.

Fish in Low Pressure Fishing Areas - Ever fish around a busy fishing access site in Montana? The fish tend to be very spooky, due to all the commotion and the frequency of anglers hucking flies their way. By hopping in a boat, you can reach areas on a river that see greatly reduced fishing pressure.

Darn Fun! - Yes, fishing is lots of fun. But you know what, so is floating! Even when the fish aren't biting, there are far worse ways to spend a day than floating a scenic Montana river.

Types of Fly Fishing Boats

There are numerous types of "vessels" that work as a fly fishing boat. Listed below are several different types of boats that anglers will find work well in one type of fishing condition or another. Remember, before running out and getting a boat, always make sure you know exactly what type of fishing you want to do - as it will greatly effect what type of boat you want to get! Click on any of the links below to learn more about a particular type of fly fishing boat.

Pontoon Boats - The ultimate in a dedicated, portable (usually) fly fishing boat. Relatively inexpensive, very versatile (good for lake and sedate river fishing) and designed specifically for fishing. More Information.

Float Tubes - The ultra-portable fishing vessel. Best used on small lakes, remote backcountry waters and ponds. NOT to be used on rivers. More Information.

Inflatable Rafts - Inflatable rafts are ideal for river floating, far better than a pontoon boat. And they can be used on lakes by attaching a motor to them. However, they do have a few disadvantages if you need a STRICT dedicated fly fishing boat. Otherwsie, they make great all-around boats. More Information.

Inflatable Kayaks - This incredibly versatile craft make solid (but not spectacular) fly fishing platforms and are the ideal river-runners boat, able to handle Class III and Class IV whitewater. More Information.

Drift Boats - A drift boat, well, what can I say. It's truly the ultimate fly fishing boat. It's also horribly expensive, requires a trailer to use and requires you to put in - generally - at places that have a boat ramp (unless you have a couple of people to muscle the boat down the bank and into the water). More Information.

Whitewater Rafts and Guide Fishing Rafts - Money no object? Planning on taking LOTS of gear and people and running through Class IV+ rapids frequently? Well...if you need a vessel that can "do it all" - and then some - then perhaps a whitewater raft that also can double as a fishing raft many Montana fishing guides use - just might be your thing. More Information.

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