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Shearling Clothing & Footwear

Shearling Footwear & Clothing

Shearling has become very popular in all sorts of clothing. And once you wear a clothing item that has shearling in it - whether it be a boot, glove or coat - you'll understand why. Shearling is incredibly warm, very soft and simply feels superb against the skin. It also look wonderful, too.

Shearling has long been popular in Montana, if not necessarily the "ugg variety" shearling. Leather jackets used by ranchers in Montana have long contained shearling due to it's superior insulation. However, as shearling has become increasingly popular - helped along by the popularity of Ugg Boots and the different styles of coats available for men and women - shearling has made it's way into all sorts of clothing.

This section of the site is what I dub the "shearling center." A place where people can come and browse a wide variety of shearling products from a multitude of retailers and manufacturers. You can also learn how to care and clean for your shearling products, as well as learn about the different types of shearling available.

Shearling Jackets for Men and Women - Ugg and Orvis have the best selection of shearling jackets around. Ugg makes beautiful jackets for women, while Orvis some wonderful men's jackets. Browse the selection of shearling coats and jackets for Men and Women.

Ugg Boots - Uggs are still the most popular shearling footwear around, and for very good reason. Ugg boots are warm, soft, high-quality and come in a huge-range of styles and colors. Browse listings of Ugg Boots for women, men, boys and girls.

Ugg Slippers - As an owner of an Ugg pair of slippers, I can attest to how comfortable and warm they are. Browse the selection of slippers for Men and Women.


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