Big Sky Country is Shearling Country
Shearling Jacket Guide

Shearling Jackets & Coat Guide

Shearling has over the past few years become very, very popular. And this popularity is for good reason. The insulating properties of shearling is superb. Not only is shearling suited for sub-zero cold, shearling also work, rather surprisingly, well in warm weather too. This is because the insulation consists of extensive air pockets, allowing body heat to escape during warmer weather.

The other reason shearling has become so popular is, of course, because it, or at least the high quality shearling you can get, is incredibly soft. Quite simply, wearing a jacket or coat with shearling insulation in it is just down right comfortable and feels luxurious.

As Montana and shearling go hand in hand, I've put together this small section on the site so that visitors can find some high-quality products that may meet their needs.

Shearling Coats for Men - Orvis has the finest line of Shearling coats and jackets you'll find anywhere. And the quality is top-notch.

Shearling Coats for Women - These coats, made by Ugg, are absolutely gorgeous and of the highest quality.

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