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Are you seeing this page. If so, you shoudn't be - as it is an orphan page, not linked to from anywhere else. So....that means you are curious and decided to "back down" the directory structure in Big Sky Fishing - just to see what's there. Well, no harm done. No shocking stories. Nor, sadly, no shocking XXX photos.

Instead, this page is a "webmaster" page - designed for me - to quickly go to particular pages during the page creation and testing process. I then leave the page up so that the search engines don't get a "blank" index page, which they sadly will spider and put in their index. This page has also been set to "noindex" so that this particular page won't appear at all in the search engines, either.

And since you found this particular page by being curious, I hereby grant you permissio to use whatever links you like as a reward. :)

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