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Sadly, high quality fly fishing gear can be a bit on the expensive side - sometimes REAL expensive. The good news is that all the quality merchants that sell fly fishing gear, such as Orvis, Cabela's and others have frequent sales. These merchants use sales to clear out last years discontinued or overstock inventory in order to clear up space for new products.

So, to help Big Sky Fishing.Com visitors save some money, this page has been created with links that lead the way to various sales on fly fishing gear on the Net. There are many merchants listed since some, like Overstock and Sierra Trading Post, deal exclusively with "last year's stuff," purchasing clearance items directly from the manufacturers.

Listed below are the links to the various "sale pages" for many of the major fly fishing retailers on the web. What you actually happen to find on sale will vary greatly depending on the season and other factors, so be sure to bookmark this page and come back to it often.




Patagonia has a number of "web exclusive" sales on their website. Unfortunately, their categories aren't broken down too terribly well. Fly fishing gear can appear in several of their categories - so be sure to scroll through their various categories to see what fishing gear happens to be on sale.

Sierra Trading Post

Sierra Trading Post, in case you are not familiar with them, is an "outlet mall" that sells discontinued merchandise. The savings are incredible in comparison to what the stuff sold for when new. However, you won't find any "just released" items and what they have changes dramatically from day to day since they are an outlet store.

Links to Categories on Sierra Trading Post 

  • Sierra Trading Post : Link to their home page.
  • Fly Fishing Wadersicon : Check out their specials on waders. Brands frequently carried include Simms, Ducks Unlimited, Ithaca & Stearns.
  • Wading Boots & Fishing Shoesicon : See the current specials on wading boots and wading shoes.
  • Fishing Shirts & Pantsicon : Sierra Trading Post usually has a great selection of pants and shirts that are ideal for fishing by Columbia, Simms and others.
  • Fishing Vests & Jacketsicon : Patagonia, Simms and Colombia fishing vests are frequently carried by Sierra Trading Post.
  • Flies & Fly Boxesicon : Flies from Umpqua are generally featured with a wide variety of boxes, cases and "luggage."
  • Fly Rods & Casesicon : Featured fly rods generally include Powell, Diamondback and others.
  • Fly Lines & Fly Reelsicon: Sierra Trading Post tends to have a wonderful selection of fly lines from places like Scientific Anglers, Orvis, Cortland and others.


Just like Sierra Trading Post, Overstock specializes in items that have been discontinued or that are being sold at firesale prices because the items are "overstocked" at other merchants. You can often find great deals on books, in particular.

Links to Categories at Overstock

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