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Where to Buy Your Digital Camera

Is there anyplace in the USA that doesn’t sell digital cameras these days? I’ve seen some in convenience stores, bookstores and drug stores. True, many if not most of the cameras in these unlikely places aren’t worth buying. But still, it is quite amazing that digital cameras have become such a commodity that even convenience stores now sell them occasionally.

Yet, despite the huge amount of buying choices, I’d suggest the follow places (both online and off), to pick up a digital camera. One reason is due to price…Amazon.Com, Best Buy, BH Photo Video and Walmart all have superb prices. But, just as importantly, all of these outlets have an excellent selection (and corresponding stock levels) of cameras…providing you with plenty of choices. And lastly, buy purchasing through one of these outlets, you can usually find all that “other stuff”…like memory cards, rechargeable batteries and camera cases…all under one roof. This way, you don’t have to “remember” to sometime in the distant future to pick up that “other stuff.”

Online Only

Amazon – My favorite online retailer, and where I purchased two of my canon cameras. They have a huge selection and the best prices of anyone. Combine that with their great website and free shipping (and no sales tax), and well, Amazon is a wonderful place to buy photography equipment.

BH Photo Video – The leading pure photo retailer around. Based in New York, BH Photo Video has EVERYTHING photo and video related. They have competitive prices and are a good place to buy camera equipment through. I bought my Canon 20D through BH Photo Video and had no complaints at all.

Offline & Online

Best Buy – Best buy has a pretty decent selection of digital cameras, although it pales to what you find at Amazon or BH Photo Video. I find their prices to be a bit higher than other places, though.

Walmart – I bought one of my cameras (needed in a pinch) through Walmart. I got a great price at the time and Walmart usually has all the accessories you need, too. Only bummer is that you have to pay sales tax and, strangely, their prices are usually no less…and sometimes more…than what you’ll find at Amazon. Additionally, if you’re looking for a “bit higher end” photo gear, you won’t find it at Walmart.

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