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Mt. Gould in Glacier Park

Digital Cameras and Digital Photography

Mt. Gould in Glaicer Park, taken with a Canon a40
Mt. Gould in Glacier Park, taken with an ancient Canon A40 digital camera.
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Digital photography, which is using a digital camera to take pictures instead of a traditional 35mm film camera, is one of the fastest growing hobbies around. A digital camera allows you to take countless photographs, to see the photographs instantly, and to easily download the photographs to your computer for editing. Digital cameras also are wonderful because of the low costs involved in buying and owning a digital camera.

A digital camera does not use film - thus removing the sizable costs associated with buying and developing film. In fact, once you buy a digital camera and get everything needed - the cost of owning a digital camera is essentially zero.

For those of you who have spent time at Big Sky Fishing, you undoubtedly noticed the numerous pictures (more than 2000) that are posted - all of which were taken by myself using an ancient Canon A40 digital camera. Since any visit to Montana involves more than just fishing - Montana, after all, is a beautiful place - and because taking pictures of this beautiful state is a popular activity by anglers and other tourists, I decided to prepare this digital camera guide for anyone who might be new to the world of digital photography AND who wants a down-to-earth, non-techno-speak guide to digital cameras.

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