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Ulu Shearling Boots

Ulu Shearling Boots for Women

Ulu boots are great. They are made from New Zealand Shearling (different than Ugg Boots, which are Australian Shearling). But, practically speaking, the shearling is nearly identical. Moreover, Ulu boots look just as good as Uggs do, in my opinion. And as a happy bonus, Ulu boots are less expensive and usually easier to find.

Now, Ulu boots are not designed for use in muddy or very wet conditions. While the boots will keep you warm in such conditions, mud and excessive water will make the boots difficult (and time consuming) to clean. But, unless you plan on playing in the mud or deep puddles, this one drawback of Ulu Shearling Boots shouldn't be an issue.

Shown below are Ulu Boots for Women. All of these boots are available through Zappos, which provides free-return shipping in case you need to send the boots back for whatever reason.

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