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Dry Bags for Electronics

Dry Bags for Electronics, Phones & iPods

We live in an electronic age. And while it is somewhat irritating to watch someone chat away on a cell phone while floating a remote river in Montana, as they say, times do change. And so it is not surprising that with the flood of electronics has come dry bags specifically designed for electronic items.

Now, there are two types of dry bags for electronics. For larger electronic items (such as a camcorder, laptop, full-sized DSLR) you'll want to use a dry box instead - as these provide rock solid protection from impacts as well as water.

By contrast, the dry bags for electronics below are small bags designed for specific uses, such as protecting a cell phone, MP3 Player and the like from water. Rather interestingly, some of these bags allow the electronic item to be used right inside the bag itself, allowing the user to keep the item out of danger from errant raindrops, waves or accidents.

Feel free to read the Dry Bags Guide for some other tidbits of information, too.

All of these dry bags shown below are available through NRS.

Dry Bags for Electronics, Phones and iPods

Aquapac 25L Wet & Dry Backpack - 788

Aquapac 35L Wet & Dry Backpack - 789

Aquapac Belt Case - 828

Aquapac Keymaster - 608

Aquapac Large VHF Classic - 248

Aquapac Small VHF Classic - 228

Aquapac Small VHF Pro - 229

Aquapac Waterproof Camera Case - Large 448

Aquapac Waterproof Camera Case - Mini 408

Aquapac Waterproof Camera Case - Small 418

Aquapac Waterproof DSLR Camera Case - 458

Aquapac Waterproof iPad Case - 638

Aquapac Waterproof iPhone 6 Plus Case - 358

Aquapac Waterproof iTunes Case - Large 519

Aquapac Waterproof iTunes Case - Small 518

Aquapac Waterproof Kindle Case - 658

Aquapac Waterproof Large Tablet Case - 668

Aquapac Waterproof Phone Case - Micro 098

Aquapac Waterproof Phone Case - Mini 108

Aquapac Waterproof Phone Case - Small 348

Prices are subject to change. Use prices as a guide only.

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