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Missouri River at the town of Cascade 
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The rivers in Central Montana flow through a country that is markedly different than is found elsewhere in Montana. Most of the rivers in Central Montana begin high in the mountains on the eastern edge of the vast Montana prairie, and then spill out into the prairie of central Montana. The rivers in Central Montana also tend to be quite long and flow through some very remote and isolated countryside.

Fishing pressure among the rivers in Central Montana varies considerably. Some rivers, such as the Missouri River and the Smith River, are internationally known as blue-ribbon trout streams and can receive significant fly fishing pressure. Meanwhile, others pristine rivers such as the upper Dearborn River, the upper Teton River and the upper Sun River receive little fly fishing pressure other than from the locals. As a result, visiting anglers in search of solitude can find it on many Central Montana rivers - frequently in a beautiful, pristine setting.

The quality of the fly fishing varies tremendously among the various rivers in Central Montana. While all the rivers in the Central Montana offer excellent fly fishing, it is imperative that any visiting angler understands that only portions of each river offer quality trout fishing. As all the rivers in Central Montana eventually spill out into the prairie, where their flows slow down and the water warms to lethal levels, the best trout fishing will generally be found in or near the mountains.

Dearborn River valley 
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By and large, the rivers in Central Montana tend to flow through very isolated and sparsely populated terrain. As a result, services tend to be few and far between. An angler who will be fly fishing these rivers should come prepared for all occasions, as outside of the handful of major cities of Great Falls and Helena, few shopping or lodging opportunities will be found. Additionally, the distances between the rivers in Central Montana tends to be significant, making drives between the rivers a time consuming proposition.

Overall, a Montana fly fishing trip to the rivers in Central Montana are worth of a visit for any angler who will be coming to Montana to fly fish for wild trout. The quality of the fly fishing in Central Montana, combined with the diversity of the rivers, will make any visit to Central Montana a worthwhile experience.

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