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The Snow Gaiter

Do you know what a snow gaiter is? And no, its not some white animal created by Peter Jackson with big teeth that chases computer generated people around the snow. Although a snow gaiter does share a resemblence in function with the "gators" found in southern swamps.

Snow gaiters are special designs of various snow boots that are really helpful if you plan on wandering around in deep snow. To illustrate their use, have you ever tromped through snow in a low cut shoe (like a tennis shoe) - only to find the snow makings its way down inbetween your foot and the inner shell of your shoe? If so, you know how cold and wet that makes your foot feel - although it does wake you up!

Nylon Snow Gaiter Example : The Snow Gator is the Nylon on the top of the boot

Well, a snow gaiter is designed to prevent that. A snow gaiter is something that is built into quality snow boots. Snow gaiters in snow boots take one of two forms.

The first form consists of a nylon cover that is pulled up around the top of the boot and then snugged around the lower leg just above the boot. The gaiter essentially prevents the snow from falling down inside the boot, and instead sheds all snow to the outside of the boot - where it belongs. This is the most effective type and is highly recommended if you will be wading through lots of deep snow.

"Fuzzy Fleece" Snow Gaiter - The Snow gator is the thick fleece found on the top of the boot

The second form of snow gaiter consists of fuzzy fleece that is found at the top of the boot. This fuzzy fleece will essentially snug up to your leg once your foot is in the boot, providing a barrier against snow from falling into the boot. For occasional deep snow wandering, this type of gaiter works just fine. However, if you will be spending lots of time in deep snow, eventually, snow will find its way inside the boot as the fuzzy fleece does not provide a perfect barrier. Plus, snow will also accumulate on top of the fuzzy fleece - chilling the area of your leg that is just above the boot.

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