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Sierra Designs Ultralight Trench Jacket - Men's

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Let go of any preconceived ideas you might have about trench coats when you approach the Sierra Designs Men's Ultralight Trench Jacket. This three-layer rain jacket is lightweight, packable, and well-ventilated for the trail. Weighing only ten ounces, the Ultralight Trench prepares you for those torrential downpours that usually roll through the high country in the afternoons. The jacket's unique Awning underarm vents allow air to pass through for a well ventilated feel, and with hip belt vents at the waist, you can wear the jacket with a backpack by running the hip belt through the vents. Thin cuff tabs with elastic help to seal out moisture, while the adjustable hood keeps the rain off your dome with its stiffened brim. When you're not backpacking or hiking, the street-ready styling of the Ultralight Trench allows you to wear this jacket out around town when it's raining cats and dogs.

Price : $178.95

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Rain Jacket Checklist

Rubber is for Tires : Don't even think about getting a rubber rain jacket. Why? Read below..
Get a Rain Jacket That Breathes! Unless you enjoy being wet in your own perspiration, get a rain jacket that breathes, letting your sweat escape.
Go Gore-Tex. There are a number of different fabrics that keep rain out but let your sweat escape. But, the best is still Gore-Tex.
Packable? If you plan on taking your rain jacket into the boonies, make sure it's packs down tightly and into a small package. The best ones are those that "fold" into their own pocket.
Three Jackets in One! By getting a good Gore-tex rain jacket that is also packable, you now have a jacket for wet weather, windy weather and cool weather. So congratulations!

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