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Amphipod Xinglet Flash LED

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Slip Amphipod's Xinglet Flash LED over your running attire before heading out in low visibility. With reflective details and all-around LED lighting, the Xinglet Flash keeps you visible to oncoming traffic better than most reflective outfits. You won't notice the small coin batteries when you run, and they are easy to replace.

Price : $ 44.5

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Hydration Packs Checklist

How Much Pack Capacity? Hydration packs come in all sorts of sizes. Check to packs capacity (not just the water capacity), to see it meeds your needs.
How Much Water Capacity? Better to have a "bit too much" water capacity instead of "not quite enough." Remember, these aren't canteens. "Unused" space in the water reservoir lays flat and weighs little.
Planning on Doing Lots of Day Hiking? If so, you might be better off buying a dedicated technical day pack. Most new ones are now "hydration compatible", allowing you to buy a hydration reservoir and carry it seamlessly inside the pack.

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