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Patagonia Light & Variable Full-Zip Hoodie - Men's

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An ideal travel companion is there for you when that's what you want, stays out of sight when not needed, and doesn't complain. An even better travel companion, like the Patagonia Men's Light & Variable Full-Zip Hoodie, is lightweight, wind-resistant, and protects you with a DWR finish from rain and a UPF 50+ rating from sun. The all-recycled polyester fabric of this full-zip hoodie is an environmentally friendly choice, and the fact that the jacket packs down into a small pouch means you can easily pack it along on those trips to see the world you're saving.

Price : $99

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Fleece Jacket Checklist

Say "No" to Cotton: If you take cotton in the Montana backcountry...you'll be sorry sooner or later.
Pull-Over or Zip-Up? Both are popular and widely available. Make sure you get the right style for your own needs.
Snug Around the Neck? Some people like it...other's don't. But snugness helps keep the cold from seeping in. So it's a feature worth examining.
Pockets? Some fleece has tons of pockets, others none whatsoever. So check the specs before plunking down any money.

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