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Books about Digital Photography

Nothing beats practice. Period. Books are a poor substitute for practice when it comes to increasing the quality of your photographs. Only through practice will you put what you learn (and you learn much through just simple experimentation) to work.

Now, that said, there is nothing wrong with getting a book or two. Why? Simple. The various books about digital photography provide pointers and tips. These books often make you examine your camera more closely (thus learning more about it and how to use it properly), as well as to locate weaknesses in your own photography skills.

By and large, this is my belief when it comes to digital photography books :

If you come away with a few new photography skills you didn't have before, you remember them, and you use them frequently, the book was worth the price.

One suggestion on photography book buying. Do NOT load up on a million books. Instead, focus on the types of photography you do. Thus, if you primarily take landscape photos, get a book about landscape photography. If you take wedding photos, get a wedding photography book, etc...

I will, however, give one suggestion...which will help regardless of what types of photos you take and with whatever type of camera gear you might have. The book is called Learning to See Creatively: Design, Color & Composition in Photography. Composition is key to any photo, regardless of topic. Without composition, the fanciest gear in the world, taking photos of the most unique and compelling topic, will still be "blah." So, if you want to just get "one book," I would suggest getting this one. More info about this book at Amazon.Com.

Additionally, there are, quite literally, thousands of books that cover photography and digital photography. If you would like to see them all, and have a free day to browse through them, you can follow this link to See All Digital Photography Books at Amazon.

All of these books on this page are available through Amazon.

Digital Photography Books