Pictures of Harlowtown, Montana

Main Street in Harlowtown

Harlowtown, like so many other towns in central and eastern Montana, may be lacking in "normal" businesses in the downtown area. However, one thing it is not lacking from are drinking establishments. I've always been amazed at how many bars you see in eastern and central Montana.

I recently received an email from a resident of Harlowton about this page. Here are the comments:

There are only 3 bars but nearly 20 active businesses on Main street in addition to the library, city hall, and the county museum

At the time I last visited in Harlowton, to be charitable, I saw no more than 10-12 businesses open including the bars, but that was back in the summer of 2003. As they say, times change, so there could indeed be 20 businesses in the downtown area now.

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