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The Big Hole River 
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Southwest Montana has some of the most famous rivers in the United States. Rivers such as the Ruby River, the Big Hole River, Rock Creek and the Bitterroot River are known nation wide as high-quality natural trout streams. Additionally, the rivers in Southwest Montana are probably the most diverse geographically. Many of the rivers, such as the Beaverhead River, the Jefferson River and the Ruby River, flow through very broad and arid valleys, flanked by tall and distant mountain ranges. Others, such as the Big Hole River, flow through a beautiful agricultural valley before entering the mountains on its journey to the arid valleys further downstream.

Southwest Montana possesses two very big benefits for anglers venturing to this area on a Montana fly fishing trip. First, many of the rivers in Southwest Montana are located closely together, allowing for relatively easy drives between the rivers. This allows anglers with tight time schedules to visit more rivers than is possible in other areas of the state.

The Red Rock River 
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The second big benefit of fly fishing in Southwest Montana is that the geographical diversity can frequently rescue a fly fishing trip that may otherwise be doomed by the weather or spring run-off. The weather and river conditions differ markedly among the various rivers in Southwest Montana. While one river may be running high and muddy due to spring run-off, an angler usually can venture to another nearby river that is running crystal clear.

Additionally, as many of the rivers in Southwest Montana run through very arid country, an angler frustrated by rainy and cold conditions in other parts of the state can usually find warm, if somewhat windy conditions, on many of the rivers in Southwest Montana.

Overall, Southwest Montana has some of the finest fly fishing rivers to be found anywhere, all of which have extensive populations of large brown and rainbow trout. Between the geographical diversity of the rivers, their scenic beauty and the excellent fishing, a Montana fly fishing trip to this region should be on any anglers list.

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