Photographs of Glasgow, Montana

Grain Elevator in Glasgow

Glasgow, like virtually every other town in the Hi-Line area, has several grain elevators. Now, here's a tip for anyone venturing to town for the first time. You see the railroad tracks? Well, they are the main line of the BNSF Railroad. Many, many trains make their way down this line during the course of a day - rumor has it over 50, in fact. Now, that isn't a huge deal. But, the line in town is double track. Just to the west of Glasgow the line turns into single track. Thus, what happens is that trains end up sitting in downtown Glasgow for what seems like hours at a time - and completely blocking this crossing in the process. So...when in Glasgow, don't use this crossing if a train is coming or just sitting there. You could be in for a long wait. Instead, go to the other side of town (2 blocks away) and use the underpass that goes underneath the tracks.

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