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    I'm trying to pack for a two night elk trip.

    We will have two trucks and tent camp.
    Just MY stuff will fill my Sub.
    Sleeping mat, sleeping bag, sleeping bag liner, and pillow.
    Bags and boxes of asst food.
    Gallon of pre made coffee, more instant coffee and a coffee pot.
    Two duffle bags of clothing , cool weather , warm weather, and cold weather.
    3 pair of boots, warm, warmer, and camp boots.
    Gaiters gloves and then rain stuff...
    Guns, guns, and then some back up guns.
    Game handling items, cart, sled, PACKS. yuk
    AND the boy has all the camping/cooking/ eating stuff.
    Looks to me IF we do get 3 deer and a trophy elk we will have to make two trips in two trucks to get every thing home.
    Life was simpler back when you did not know what you did not know.

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