What type of fish?

Discussion in 'Montana Angler's Lounge' started by Tom, Nov 30, 2015.

  1. Tom

    Tom New Member

    Hey everyone. I need some help IDing a fish I got out of McDonald lake yesterday. I usually fish in the Stillwater and Bighorn rivers and it was my first time catching a trout in a lake. I think it's a trout...but it isn't like any of the ones in the booklet provided by the fish and wildlife people. It almost seems like a rainbow without the rainbow. My guess is lake trout, but they seem a lot darker in other people's photos. Thanks in advance for any help. 20151129_152601.jpg
  2. mtlion

    mtlion New Member

    That's a rainbow trout. They exhibit variation in color on an individual by individual basis, as well as seasonally.
  3. Ha, you beat me to it mtlion! lol
  4. Tom

    Tom New Member

    Thanks for the help. I was thinking that's what it was. There was a slight pinkish hue around the bill cover but I wasn't certain. It was also a real treat being completely alone on that lake!
  5. d4570

    d4570 Active Member

    Or maybe a bull Trout ?? I think its a rainbow

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