WHAT? No bug spray , thats no way to call coyotes

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    A Buddy of mine also a family friend, went out calling Saturday. Early start as the norm, he drove. He used to call with his dad way back in High school , but not in the past 40 years. SOOO, kinda green to the ways of the modern predators. He came loaded with his 30,06 Deer gun, which he try's to do at least once every 5 years or so. Blue jeans and a work shirt, at least it was brown and a big floppy canvas hat, Humm.
    Ok we will make it work. First set up was by a duck marsh, FWP run. I found out then he had no bug spray, gloves or net face mask. I have a big keeper I always grab when I go hunting. It has asst shells, callers, coyote belt/seat, battery's, complete change of camo ( my size) extra face masks , gloves, extra coats ,shooting sticks ,optics, bug spry , All the normal stuff.
    I got him set so the bugs would not eat him alive and we set out.
    This spot , by no means is remote but I was NOT expecting the amount of traffic at 5:15 in the morning.
    A good set , just no coyotes.
    Next, a very good spot I call and have shot MANY coyotes in the past. Tall grass BIG open area lots of game for them to eat. There again a little more activity then I planed on. No takers. The trip back out , about a half mile, I discovered he was in short top chukka boots , about every 100 yards he had to stop and pull sharp spears of grass out of his ankles and socks . I was in low tops too but had gaiters on for that reason. Another dive in to the keeper and we fixed that problem. Next problem, I grabbed a sandwich and asked if he had a lunch, NOPE. I pack extra there two, he did have water.
    More sets, more no shows, lots of traffic and goings on's, lota farming going on with harvest and all.
    I was scratching for spots to call. We found a nice looking hunk of state land no wheat along side maybe we can get something going. A half mile walk mostly up hill we almost pick out spot to set when a Deere came over the hill and headed straight though where we planed to call A John Deere combine. Crap! Well we walked all that way and By golly we where going to call. Two minutes in and a dang coyote let loose with his own challenge back to my call and it was very close.
    A short time later it broke over the same hill we just walked up and where the Deere went. It was my buddy dog , on his side . I let out a loud Woof to stop him and to make sure my buddy saw it, he did. The 3006 let loose a split second after the dog stopped and a Miss???
    Dang, them things can run, two more '06 shots and two 6mm shots and it disappeared over the horizon. 8 minutes and we where walking back to his truck. Another one of MY sandwiches and we both felt better. more miles , more blank sets. Last one of the day was a good spot but small , I always carry the GPS to stay on the state no markings or fence to let you know where your at.
    We settle down and start. We see a coyote out around 1000 yards but I could see he could hear the challenge.
    It starts to head down wind and work in. As our luck was holding a farm spry truck come over the skyline heading right in front of our dog. It simply turn and still working in but up wind now, cool .Then Out of no where here come a guy on a bicycle riding on a farm road that was all it could take and it disappeared for good.
    Dang tuff hunt, my buddy was making a list of stuff to bring next trip...
    All is good
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    You're a full service hunting buddy! LOL

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    If you only knew .....
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    I hunt with my kids (6, 8, and 18) and my wife so I know all about having multiples of everything.


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