Well thats 6 hours I'll never get back

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    My boy had a Mountain lion hunt lined up the other day.
    Couldn't make it because his snowmobile would not start, Bummer.
    Today we worked on it. It worked perfectly end of last winter?
    When he parked it he used sta-bel in the tank. No go so he pumped the gas out and refueled with Premium with no alcohol as normal, still no go. It has always started and he faithfully uses good gas with on ethanol in it.
    Today we started from the top after all the normal stuff we finally got it to run but only at an idle.
    We started to re check every thing we did . When we pulled the carb bowl , again,off it had water in it.
    So did the second one, humm.
    I think what is happening is , over the years of using only N/A gas the water has been building up in the tank.
    When we use it the water is frozen . But this time the water got in to the lines and carbs and froze.
    All that said, we used the motor gas pick up line to pump out the gas not just putting the pump line in the filler .
    Took out 5 gal and it had close to a gallon of water in it that we could see. We purged the whole system and refueled This time with 5 gal of Alcohol gas to finish the water problem. It ran better then it has for a long time.
    The only thing good I can say about the ethanol gas we have to use is the water is no longer a problem and "heat" is no longer needed. BUT if you use only premium N/A gas you better add a little "Heat" every so often.
    I NEVER want to do that again...

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