Wanted to be calling coyotes BUT

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    -1* bright sunshine and NO wind, we should have been calling coyotes...

    The boy and I managed to get the drive end off the "Johnson" motor . His 18" pipe wrench a 5' pipe on it and special home made wrench on the other side of the motor , a 3' pipe and me standing on it and it came right off!
    We are looking at it, we may be able to use part of the snowmobile frame / motor mount system to mount the drive and the VW motor. Now I need a machine / fabricator shop, you know any?

    Then we ran out north. I reworked the rail system on my 22/250 and I had to take off the stock so I wanted to shoot it .
    My son "bedded" his 35 Whelen, and put a new BIG scope on the 338/378 that needed to be shot too.
    At 200 yards the 22/250 off bench and two sand bags put two holes in the same spot on the target, and 2 more in the same hole a 1/2 inch to the right off my bi-pods, OK no shift in POI.
    The 35 would never group any better then about 4" at a hundred ,that's why he bedded it. Sighted it in to zero at 200 yards it now group an inch high at 100 and a solid 1 1/2 group.
    The 338 what a beast, but with the brake the Whelen kicks harder.
    Went through all the work to get perfect center at 200 yards and an inch group and he decided to take the scope loose and move it all the way forward, another 1/4" The scope would "tick " his eye when he shot, he took off the scope cover and it stopped so the 1/4 is needed, crap at around $4 a shot now we will have to do it again. We will do it another day.
    All in all , wish we had gone calling but we got that junk fixed...

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