The "Run " is on

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    [:D] [:D] [:D]
    There is now...
    Reluctantly I left my little fishing buddy home asleep. My son and I left at stupid but early (2:30 am ) to go try for some sturgeon this morning. The river is running high and has triggered the shovel nose and the channel cats to start there "RUN"

    Worm and sucker meat was the bait of the day and a 5oz sinker.
    Heavy spider wire and heavy poles, and head lamps.
    About 3:30 I hooked the first one , it was a nice sturgeon around 25". we both got in to them for about 2 1/2 hours quite steady.
    The Cats where hit and miss and we never got one on the ground but there great fun too.
    we kept 3 to eat one was right at the top of what we cane keep. Any thing OVER 40" has to go back in, that when they start to breed they say. By 8:30 the action shot off and the goldeye moved in and we left.




    Anyone gota can opener ?

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