SST 95 gr Hornides shells

Discussion in 'Montana Hunting Lounge' started by d4570, Jul 13, 2016.

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    I know the SST hornady is a deer round and at 2900 fps it should do just fine outa the 6, BUT?

    I was shooting coyotes on Sunday and wanted to use them up so I can use the brass.

    A kinda big investment on time and gas and lack of sleep.
    It was a 3 AM wake up call and a 300 mile round trip
    ( 45 on pavement).
    The calling was good multiple coyotes called in.
    And 3 good hits, No coyote pictures ???

    Two I saw die but two far on to privet property to retrieve.

    One just disappeared in to the distance.

    I know there not as accurate out of the 6 as my hand loads but still only an inch or two bigger group, should have been dead right there in my mind.

    I'm thinking just a harder bullet and doing a fast pass through and not hitting a bone.
    One had a BIG cone of blood spray and a fair trail but it made it off public land , a half mile never to be seen .

    I really don't care much I never use a 95 for anything , just wandering about your thoughts.

    I'll use them up on Prairie dogs. A shot coyote is a dead coyote anyway ...



  2. d4570

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    SST hornady sorry
  3. When you say '6' is that 25-06?
    The SST should blow a big hole in a coyote.

    As they went on private could you have found the owner and asked permission to retrieve?
    You sell them right?


  4. d4570

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    "the 6" is my 6mm rem. like a 243 on drugs !!!!
    No way to find the owners in an hour or two, looking on the computer
    We sell them but only in the winter.
    This time of year it's shoot them and let them lay...
  5. I have a .243....but not on drugs, it doesn't need them!

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