Sorry to hear. We all expired late last night

Discussion in 'Montana Angler's Lounge' started by d4570, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. d4570

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    Well last night at midnight we all expired in our sleep.

    Yup our Montana hunting/fishing licenses are all used up. It is time to get new ones. We did get an extra day with leap day, did you use it ? I had to work so I wasted mine.
    A few changes this year AGAIN.
    No warm water permit, and no Hunting enhancement fee.
    But a new required license, it is a BASE HUNTING LICENSE, AKA $10 fee. BUT you have to have it to hunt.
    State use is still included .
    I got everything But archery and fur bearers and it was $108. The wolf tags don't come out till Aug and you cant buy a paddle fish tag over the counter.
    This year you have to put in for a paddle fish harvest permit due in by March 31st. If you Don't draw you get a catch and release tag , but that's the only way you can fish for them...

    Your state use does not work till you get a new license , be careful out shooting your probably on state land.

    You have to keep your old license till end of wolf season if your hunting wolf , can it get anymore confusing ???
    Then there is your "bull trout" permit...
    Anyway just a heads up get your paper work ASAP and look it over before "Wendy" has her hand out asking for your new license .
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  2. Ha, i am over $1000 poorer after last week, NR Big game combo application is in!

    Bull trout permit, best not mention that after recent events.


  3. fishingjoe

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    Mine was $118, but I think it was because of the archery. Don't forget to put in deer/elk before the 15th...
  4. d4570

    d4570 Active Member

    AND you gota get your Paddlefish harvest app in by the end of the month or your not going snagging ...

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