Old Johnson gutting the drive systom

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  1. d4570

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    Before Christmas CB Gave me his "old Johnson ". A Skee horse 20. That's a 16 hp 368 cc twin cylinder 20" wide track snowmobile around a 68. I'm in the proses of harvesting the clutch drive, torque converter and transmission and double chain drive to run my soon to be ordered prop on the water bug project. I have no idea how long the "Johnson" was setting in the old pump house but just for $its and giggles I thought what the hell and I pulled the starting rope. it rolled over nicely. HUMM?
    SOOO I pulled the plugs put some oil in each cylinders rolled it over some and replaced them Gave the carb a small sprits of starting spry. It fired and wanted to run...
    I mixed up a quart of gas 24 to 1 and put it in the tank. The "Primer" part of the fuel system is long gone but the lines all looked good. Another blast in the carb and one pull with the compression release on and the dam thing took right off. It has a "Neutral" spot on the transmission ,good thing it was used or I would have smashed in to my car port cover post.
    Now I have a drive for the "Bug"
    AND I have a working 2 cylinder 16 HP motor.
    Anyone thinking "GO CART" or even a 16 horse power winch.

    The ski springs are already called for to beef up the suspension on my boys snowmobile/ water bug trailer.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    that's nice. just wondering if truck parts like electric winch can be used on that one? or is there any specific winch you have to use?
  3. Is this the type of work you did for a living before you retired?
    I am very impressed with your knowledge, i wouldn't know where to start!
  4. d4570

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    No Knowledge in this field what so ever.
    I sold bread for40 years Richard.
    I'm doing this project on a wing and a prayer.
    Hope it all works .
  5. Blimey, as i say, very impressive!
  6. d4570

    d4570 Active Member

    Well I hope it works ...
    I have been doing a lot of Hull work.
    I have it upside down in my shop right now.
    No motor or drive on yet, I did get a 3 blade composite propeller .
    I put a layer of cold roll steel on the bottoms of the "cats" and I'm painting
    "Slick" paint on the bottom.
    I have strips of HDPE , nylon plastic to put on the bottom too, all to help
    it slide over hard stuff like gravel and ice.
    Pictures soon

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