'Nother coyote hunt

Discussion in 'Montana Hunting Lounge' started by d4570, Dec 15, 2015.

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    Saturday we had a brake in the wind . We did another coyote hunt, up north and a little east this time. Long drive but country we don't hunt as much. We had LOT of trash talking coyotes answering back and many lookers but nothing under 400 yards. Don't know what that was all about but like all hunting trips it's great to be out hunting.
    Interesting part we found a BUNCH of prairie dog towns on public lands that look like they seldom get shot. I took way points for later exploration. we have several much closer but there getting found by more and more shooters, always a good thing to have a few hidden ones for later use. Sunday we did the tree hunt thing ,got some very nice trees this year and I picked up the Johnson when we where in the neighborhood.


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