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Discussion in 'Everything Else in Montana & Beyond' started by d4570, Dec 11, 2016.

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    I had some work to do on my stellar outdoor Christmas Display, a light went out and put the mess out...
    Crappy dang old string lights.
    Anyway I knew it would be an hour or two to fix.
    It's setting right at 0* light wind I was not looking forward to it.
    I started to look through My winter warm stuff and grabbed my Natural gear white camo bibs and parka.
    Just slid them over my street clothes and went out. After an hour I realized I was not cold. Fingers stiff and no feeling, Toes kinda cool but the Kenetrek kept the frost out, a pear of wool socks would have been wonderful. But the rest of my body was very toasty.
    I remember the last time I used the bibs and parka it was cold but it had to have been "COLD". There light and flexible just very nice to have on.

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