Neck gaiters , or something better ?

Discussion in 'Everything Else in Montana & Beyond' started by d4570, Dec 15, 2016.

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    There kinda like a casket from your parka to tour face mask. But most of them make my glasses fog and feel like I'm choking.
    I can do that shooting coyotes my self , don't need a Gaiter doing it for me.
    I looked around in town and found a White silk Neckerchief That's about 36" sq. Works great so far.
    I can pull it up to my nose or use it lose around my neck.
    I think it is just what I have been looking for.
    I guess them old cowboys knew what they where doing.
    Silk is like wool only soft, just cant beat natural fibers.
    I have several sets of Longie's made of silk and some of wool, WONDERFUL.
    ( Very reluctant to call them silk under pants )

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