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  1. d4570

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    The boy got a Moose tag for north of Yellowstone park.
    He is out there now, I really hope he has a moose down as we speak.
    If not I'll meat him at sunup . Moose hunting is a rip but when you put one down...
    in a swamp...
    3 miles from the truck...
    You know ,just Not as much fun as it sounds...
    I'll be on bear patrol .
  2. Good luck, how many years did it take to get the tag?
  3. d4570

    d4570 Active Member

    I took him 28 years to get a moose tag.
    AND he got a river brakes bull elk rifle tag.
    That one only about 25 years...
  4. Wow that is so lucky, i bet he will get a huge elk from there.
  5. d4570

    d4570 Active Member

    The plan was the boy and two of his buddy's would go down and scout for moose in his moose unit Saturday ,and I would join him today.
    I got a message from him last night .
    He Sent this picture and said stay home...
    This is all I have, he is still in the woods.


  6. Great result, that quarter looks crazy heavy!

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