Missouri River Brakes rifle bull tag

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    798-20 !
    The Boy drew a bull rifle tag in the brakes .
    I put in for ever before I got mine and was 55 years old. He just turned 42 and he got his.
    Lucky little $hit. He only put in for 30 years.
    As much as I love to hunt with him and his wife I just cant keep up with them anymore, so in years past I have not elk hunted with them. It looks like I'll have to toughen up suck it in and get in some kind of old guy shape Because, I would not miss this hunt for anything.
    The brakes elk I got was just a smidgen over 350 but I shot the first 6 x6 I ran across he has a lot more patience then I do so he will be looking for a 400 for sure.
    The area is large, east of the 'shell and south of the "Lake" I guess I'll have to gas the boat...
    More to look foreword to .

    LUCKY LITTLE $HIT :eek::p:)
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    Just another point for me...Congrats!

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