May get hot again this year

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    Earlier this year my Furnace( forced air ) went out, actually just the Fan motor . BUT it is 38 years old and around 50% efficient. Time to replace the old dinosaur.
    Well I had the idea that while I was at it I would do AC too, never had it but now would be the time to do it.
    I had two "BIG " furnace Co give me an estimate and 3 "Small" shops . The small guys don't offer Train or any of the upper end units but there still furnaces and ac units I have herd of.
    Big guys came in a LOT higher $2500 for the heater and $5000 for the AC, Plus I have to have an electrician run a 220 line out to the AC unit out side. That is running around $800. Smaller guys are running $1600 to $1800 for the heat and $1900 to $2300 for the air plus the electric work. I'm looking at an 80% furnace from each.
    A 95% is about double the price. My gas bill is only $35 a month now with the gas water heater, I would have to live to 114 to get the pay back .
    We have gone with out air for 45 years looks like we will do with out the rest of our time here on earth.

    I just can't justify the $$$ for 3 weeks of hot.
    AND I can get a no interest energy loan for the heater but not the AC .

    Lucky thing is I have time to shop around it will be mid September before I fire up the heater now anyway.

    Life is making it tuff to replace the old Sububern

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