I think I just got locked out

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    I put a scope on my 10/22 ,and I wanted to shoot the bear gun. So I hopped in to the 'Burb and buzzed out to our state land north of town. Set the targets one at 50 and one at 100 yards . Same old same old . I started to settle in, I looked down the road . What the ??? A string of traffic comeing in with lights flashing. 15 dnrc trucks , hauling backhoes, front end loaders skid steers, UTVs power augers and pickups and dump trucks.

    I was on the extreme south end of the state land by the boundary fence, they all slowed but kept going and went over the hill.
    Crap I knew what they where going to do.
    I finished shooting loaded up and went to look.

    YUP they where cleaning all the trash ,targets, and tires and putting up metal fence and gate panels, new fence posts and taking down the corral. Poring concrete to set metal pipe in the center of the road. Up on top where the wheat field is they where scooping up what ever that was up there and fencing that off too. I'm guessing we just lost our shooting spot to a bunch of dumb asses, SHIT heads!

    I did get the 22 set at 50 yards and reaffirmed the 45/70 at 100.
    The 22 is about dead on at the 50 and 4" low at 100.
    ( little breeze to the left )
    45/70 I put at 5" high at 100, that sound kinda high but at 200 it is 2" low. The big reason I put it his is ...
    The next continues shots will be dead on at 100.
    I don't know why the first one is always 5" high.
    I did the 22 shooting between the shots over 45 minutes.
    Then shot the 45/70 again you can see it is high again and again the rest will be "ON" a cold barrel is how you hunt so a cold barrel is how I sight it in.


    I had pics of the targets but I was told they are not appropriate for the net... [​IMG]

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