I shot AT 3 coyotes

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    [size=14pt] The boy and I went calling .
    WAY up north , left town at 2:30 AM.

    The plan was to do some night calling then all day long calling.

    We took the 4wheeler in the back of my ford. We had plans to call some places before the "people" started to use them. Boat ramp / fishing /duck hunting areas. Good plan, but no coyotes.

    We roamed the highline for state and federal lands to call.

    Called in some good spots. The good thing about the 4wheeler is , We could park the big red truck miles away from where we wanted to call, AKA no place to hide the truck. Bear knows what I'm talking about. The Wheeler we could hide in the ditch behind a tumble weed.

    Lot of calling and sets 2:30 am to 5:00 pm. The good news is we called in 3 coyotes... Bad news is they all came in on MY side, I missed all 3 crap, I hate to do all that work and driving to miss every coyote we call. later in the trip we found some poor unfortunate targets, prairie dogs. I promptly missed 4, the boys 17 it 7 in a row at 200 yards.


    This morning before the predicted snow I ran out north of town to my secret X shooting range to re zero the 22/250.

    Pull up pick up a BIG box of crap left by other shooters, walk out 200 yards set up my box with target. Walk back put the bipods down sit and shoot 3 times . Walk out look at the target shake my head , bring back the box/target. I also picked up another box of crap. Stopped at the 100 mark set the target to see what's going on. Set back down and took one shot. IT IS NEVER THE GUN,NEVER!!!!

    [img ]https://s26.postimg.org/d2zu7u8kp/Target_2.jpg[/img]

    That is under an inch high and two inch apart at 200 yards sitting on the ground with bipods = Dead coyote.

    [img ]https://s26.postimg.org/szym4k0yx/Target_1.jpg[/img]

    Inch high and a little wind drift.



    The boy is after wolf today.

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