I just Had to speak out on this one

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    I sent a letter to the editor of our stupid little news paper today.
    It just wrecked my breakfast when I read it.
    Here is the letter.

    "I normally let Misprints I find in the paper just go as a misprint .


    I just can't this time, sorry.

    The recent fire at our shooting complex Is a very bad deal and I don't want to diminish that fact.

    The way you reported it was very misleading in my opinion .

    The report "A bullet ricocheted into a wheat field. A small

    fire was ignited by the stray bullet".

    The fact of a fire is not disputed. BUT a lead, or copper clad bullet can't start a fire...That's just Bogus!

    An allusion straight from Hollywood.

    To make a spark there has to be a ferrous metal involved. Like a steel bullet , or iron backer board support ,even at that the spark only occurs at the point of impact.

    NOT out in a wheat field.

    On occasion a lead/copper bullet will cause a spark if it hits a very heavy steel backer board but there again AT THE POINT OF IMPACT.

    How the fire started ?

    But it could not have been from a ricocheting bullet."

    Am I wrong?

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