How to Post Pictures in the Web Cam Photo Gallery

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    The new forum software has an excellent photo gallery software built-in. Here's how to post pictures from web cam images you've captured.

    1. Click or tap the "Media" tab, or click this link to go there directly:

    2. Click or tap the "Add Media" button


    3. You'll now be at this screen:


    4. Next Step is to Select a Category. A category must be selected - it can't be left blank. Choose the category that best reflects the photo you're uploading. from Glacier Park web cam's should be placed in the Glacier National Park category, etc...


    5. Once You've Selected a Category, you'll see this screen. In this example, I selected the Grand Teton Park category. Once I selected the category, image upload options become available.


    6. Now Upload an Image. To upload an image, click the "upload image" button.


    7. Type in a "Title" and "Description." The "Title" is the first line, and the "Description" is the 2nd line. The reason to have both a title and description with the photo is so that the photos are easily searchable by other people.

    In this case, the title is "Colorful Teton Valley Sunset" and the description is the text in the yellow box below it.


    8. You may upload more than one photo at a time, if desired. Just remember that if you upload more than one photo at a time, all the photos will belong to the same category. If you want to upload photos to two or more categories, it is best to "split them up."

    9. Click the "Save Media" button

    10. Once you click the "Save Media" button, you'll be taken to see a thumbnail of your photo. If you see this screen, you know everything worked out ok. You can click on the thumbnail to see a larger image and to do other functions with the image.


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