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    Ok I'm going to a little bragging here.
    I was raised by my grandparents with a large hometown family.
    They where old world women, Polish , and lived to cook.
    Every thing was home/hand made. I just seamed to carry on this in to my own family.
    I have Made bread all the kids lives in fact when we got a loaf of bread or rolls from the market it was a special treat... The kids no longer live in my house but seam to always come to visit at dinner time, HUMM? I think I'm on to them. Just today I get home from an 11 hour day at work starting at midnight. For lunch I had a huge bowl of chicken soup homemade and left over from dinner. Took the last two Biscuits from the other day to sop up the broth. I started to think of making dinner. I had a beef stake in the fridge and some chicken thighs. To me that screams Flatbread sandwiches . I whipped up some Greek yogurt yeast dough , chopped up a half head of purple cabbage as the dough was rising. Made some slaw dressing fried up the flat bread. I cooked the beef and chicken on the BBQ for a smoky flavor. Looked in the fridge and found some baked beans . There a simple EASY dinner for 2 or 3 or 5 maybe all 6. Now what's for Dessert ?
    It's ALL about the food ,you should see a holiday or birthday meal! Anyway anyone else still cook at home ?
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    Not enough.
    Chris H.
  3. fishingjoe

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    When I'm home, we cook all the time.

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