Good, and bad times in Montana this year

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  1. Hi All,

    I will get the bad time out of the way, arrived for our hunt, dropped into Dillon rifle range to check zero, whilst i was placing my target (and before the OK was given by the range officer) boom, i escaped with my life by a whisker, a Canadian guy fired at the 50 yard target, i was at the 100 yard target!
    He made a quick exit but was stopped by the deputy sheriff (called by a member of the rifle club) and questioned, given a lecture by the police and i was asked if i wanted to take matters further, i didn't see the point, i just hoped he learnt from his experience, unforgivable.

    Now the good, even though we failed to connect with an Elk it wasn't for the want of trying in crazy high temperatures, 10-12 hour days in the mountains, getting to within 30 yards of cow's and spikes, hiking,hiking and more hiking up to 9000'. Even when i located a bull after a 3 1/2 hour hike i was stopped by....a cliff!
    But we didn't care, what an experience in a stunning part of the world.

    The deer was a little better, well actually for me a lot better, i wanted a Whitetail buck, and i was happy with the result, i split up from my hunting partner for the day and eventually found a nice area, after a while sitting i decided to shift position, and spooked a doe i hadn't seen, cursing myself i was amazed to see it being followed by a nice buck, i ran for 25 yards, lay down and waited, i could see a narrow opening 176 yards away, the doe ran straight through, but the buck stopped, 30-06 180 grain Nosler Partition on its way, i heard the thud and knew the shot was good as it ran off, tag done.




    My friend struggled, but with 19 minutes of legal light left, on our last hunting night, i found him a little Mule deer buck, a nice shot at 275 yards and we were tagged out on the deer, now for some fly fishing!



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    Very glad you where not shot. Never looks good on TV when we shoot the "out of towners"....
    Elk Harvest is WAY down this year, tuff hunting forsure.
    Way to use up two deer tags, good luck fishing.
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