Fishing, FBI, Sheriff, MT HP, and FWP WHAT ???

Discussion in 'Montana Angler's Lounge' started by d4570, Jul 19, 2016.

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    The little Gd and I went fishing this morning , Sounds simple RIGHT.
    We get out to a FAS near here I wanted to go right to the river to see if we could ford across to a crappy pond I know of. There is a boat ramp and a turn around so I pulled in to the turn around. On the way in we saw a car in one of the parking areas , it's a popular spot.
    We pull in to the turn and here is a Big dodge PU up on jacks, what a stupid spot to work on your truck, we backed out. I looked over and saw a guy and his wife jump out of there car and head our way. The Guy has an FBI logo,and in a flack vest and a 1911 on his hip. WHAT?

    Turns out.

    They just happened to come to the same place to fish and tripped across some people where stripping a stolen truck . They all ran off and jumped in to a car, the car we went by, WOW
    They just called 911 and two sheriff cars pulled in behind me. I felt bad I did not pay attention more to the car, but the two sheriffs sped off and down the highway. HUMM

    We went back to the pond we normally fish out there but I did keep an eye open behind us all the Time we where there.

    We got it back together and Fished for a few hours while in the back ground we saw HP's, more sheriff, some FWP trucks and finally a tow truck.

    A ton of bull heads and some SMALL bass but a fine fishing trip after all.







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