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    I had to get home by 2:00pm so we had to hunt fast.
    Got the 140 miles out of the way in the dark, we where sitting on the crest of a coulee as the sky lit up .
    Calling in the twilight is cool. You can see through the scope but not with the naked eye. We had coyotes howling in every direction.
    No one came in to play but it's still quite a rush to hear.
    We did about 4 more same results. The fifth was much better. Two showed them selves but would not get closer then 660 yards.
    As we where sitting working them the boy caught a flash out of his eye behind us. YUP Mr. sneaky. To bad for him my son is as flexible as a willow branch. In a flash he was twisted around and the 17 hornet popped the dog dead center in the lower neck.
    We hunt 300/400 yards apart and use two ways to keep in touch. I didn't even turn around the sound said , Hey dad I just killed the first coyote of the day.

    A short drag back to the truck.

    Then relieved him of his fur coat.


    Another Blank set and then the last one before we had to go.
    This one was a good producer in the past and wanted it for the end. Went out set up like normal 400 yards apart and looking different directions.
    About 15 minutes in I kinda relaxed and figured we would be blanked and go home.
    The all of a sudden there was a coyote running past me, WHAT?
    How the heck?
    I was scrambling to get the gun in the right direction ,and , It stopped squatted down to pee.
    Don't know where it came from and why it was running and why did it stop in all the commotion to pee.
    It turned out some bird hunters down below us must have busted it out and was just running by.
    It must have been one of its sent markers and it could not run by with out adding a little ...
    Who knows?
    By the way I missed the coyote at 150 yards stopped standing broad side....Peeing !



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