Day one 2017

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    D-I-L has a trophy mule deer tag in 513.

    That is south of Winnett to Roundup ish.
    We did opening day out there. I could only shoot Whitetail , My son had a doe mule deer tag for that area.
    NOT a lot of deer , we hunted a LOT of ground. there is huge block managements that are just sign in and they let you drive the 2 tracks. A good amount of Public land too.
    We saw 2 "Trophy" bucks one , the smaller, still huge. We just could not get on it, and one a true Trophy 200+ buck she had a very good shot at. ONLY 568 yards in a 30 mph wind...
    She took the Creedmoor but also had the 338/378.

    Like any good golfer she knew when to use an iron or a club. She chose the club. A little adjustment for range and windage she pulled the trigger on the 338. So close!.
    But the deer pranced off thinking he was bullet proof, we never got on him again.
    Early , like first light we has 4 does run right up to us and the trucks, My boy passed on the shot.
    But around noon and no deer in the truck we found a group of does just off the 2 track about 110 yards . He grabbed his 7.62 Russian. Odd choice in my mind but he had never killed a deer with it and he had sporterized it for hunting so why not ,other then he only had one shell in the gun...
    That's all he needed, I watched from my truck with the bino's . Perfect shot just behind the mid shoulder. I could see the red spray from the other side of the deer.
    She folded and squiggled down to with in 30 yards of the road NICE. I DRUG THE DEER TO THE TRUCK, how different is that???
    She is small, but the others may have still had spots, should be OK for eating I suppose. We gave it to a guy from my work.
    Long one day hunt 500 mile ,3:00 AM to 9:00 PM but we got to see a lot of new country.

    They will have to go back and fill D-I-L tag...

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  2. Congrats.
    Day 2?
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    We made it out to our swan place this time with out an explosion or fire.
    Put out our swan decoys, moved a bit , put out the goose decoys, and the duck decoys went on the other side of our hidey hole.
    We waited for about 35 minutes for shooting time and daylight.
    This lake we are hunting is a distention mecca for goose/duck hunters across the north west.
    There had to be 200 hunters hidden around the lake, shooting time and we herd one shot...
    The big giant fly off feeding frenzy did not happen. We have had 3 days of 60 mph wind we thought the calm day forecasted would find the sky full of birds. NOPE not even many ducks changing among the ponds.
    By 9:30 maybe 20 shots fired around the lakes odd indeed.
    But things where looking up we could see birds in the air . A few pairs of ducks would swing by and check out the spread. Finally what we risked life and limb for , a string of about 10 swan and they where bee lining for our white trash bags. We hunkered down in the boat/duck blind and set motionless. The seconds felt like hours as the started to drop in to our set. An eternity past when the boy sprang up and hollered "Kill'm"
    One, two three shots and then three more, On the last shell in my gun I connected and a big swan splashed down.
    NO IDEA WHY we did not both get a swan. My son is an out standing shot gun shot. That he proved earlier this morning on ducks, but no swan, WOW. BUMMER!
    We retrieved the big white bird and set there till 12:30 with out another shot. Picked up the deke's and went back. It is hard to complain with near a limit in ducks and a giant swan but it was slow hunting.




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