Dang Buggers broke my truck

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    I was parked on the street out in front of my doughters house. I had to park the Sub on top of the snow berm the city made blading the street. Granted I was a foot or so farther in to the street then I would have rathered but other then parking all 4 wheels on the side walk it was as good as it could be.
    YUP when I came back out my drivers mirror lay in shattered pieces in the street.
    I guess I was lucky they did not take out the hole side.
    The main part of the mirror just folded back but the backer plate and glass where toast.
    A new mirror is $100 plus. On Amazon I found just the glass for $14 I have some fancy Epoxy I have been using for the "BOAT". So I had most the plastic for the backer plate, put it back together with the epoxy.
    Snapped it back in to the main Mirror unit and it seams to work. The in and out work fine but the up and down doesn't. I think I can use some fuel line rubber tubing to make that work. I drove around all day to see if it was going to stay in, it did fine. As we speak I'm heating the shop to let the backer warm and I'll stick the glass on, Hope it works, 'm an old truck driver and never use my back window and rely on my mirrors to get around.
    Dang Buggers !!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Bugger!
    You wouldn't like it where i live, some roads were only designed to take horse and cart, not 4x4's, when i meet something i only use my wing mirrors to reverse into a wider area, freaks my passengers out!

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