Coyotes !!!

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    No wind , Snow on the ground, and about 27*.
    Not a sole in sight, Now that's coyote calling. The coyotes did not want to play but a grand day. I did not get as early a stare as I had hoped and it was sun up by the time I found a place to hide the suburban and all dressed out. First call I had coyotes calling back from all around but after an hour I decided they just where trash talkers and not going to come in to view . Next set The wind had shifted but still in my favor. I set up in a place I could see for miles and the hill side was covered with rabbit tracks and had ONE bunch of sage for cover , nice set up. There again , trash talking for an hour but no eye contact. Set up after set up dogs talking but no dead dogs walking. It went like that all day . I had eagles come to the call, I had Magpies all over me, even a half dozen doe deer but not a coyote. I "SAW" several coyotes when I was driving between sets but no place I could shoot them. I guess that's why we call it "Hunting"...
    All in all a very nice way to burn 15 gallons of gas and a day off.


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