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  1. Corey brueggeman

    Corey brueggeman New Member

    My traveling companion and I are going to glacier national park in the summer and I would like some tips and information. The campgrounds we are looking at are the rising sun, fish creek, and kentla lake. Information about trials, secret beauties, food regulations, and more.
  2. d4570

    d4570 Active Member

    Go to the Glacier web site , there should be info there that may help.
    To sit here and tell you what you my want to see and do is a monumental task.
    WAY to much you have to experience it your self and decide what you have time to do,
    it would take all summer to do every thing that's is there.
    Camping in a tent? camper? motels? All different .
    Walking ,auto Turing? Using Park transportation ? Maybe bicycle ?
    Hiking in to a chalet maybe?
    Heck fishing or boating , floating white water,or just taking pictures.
    No way for me ti guess what you would want.

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