Changing over to big game mode. Checking zero

Discussion in 'Montana Hunting Lounge' started by d4570, Sep 20, 2016.

  1. d4570

    d4570 Active Member

    I ran North of town today.
    I wanted to clean and foul the rifles.
    I changed from the 55 gr varmint loads to my 80gr Barnes deer loads in the 6mm
    I also have some hornady 95's I got cheep for the brass I wanted to see how they stack up to my deer loads.
    The 45/70 was just a "check" for bear.
    I have to only use the power I sight in with of my POI will change, dang scope, and the first "COLD" shot is always 5" high so I have to let it get cold between shots. like the first shot kind of thing.

    Mostly no wind what there was, was to my right from the north.

    45/70 about 4 1/2 high at 100 yards on 6 power


    45/70 at 200 yards on 6 power cold barrel
    22/250 no change 200 yards 52 gr Berger, after a foul shot.


    Then the 6mm with the 80gr Barnes 3800 fps deer loads at 200 yards.

    It took about 8 shots to get lined up and on zero.
    Good to go for deer now.


    The hornady 6mm 95s 2900 fps shot only about an inch lower.

    At 300 yards both the 22 and 6 where around 4 1/2" to 5" low, and the 95s where dead the same as the 80's on the 6.
    The 45 70 I did not use any hash marks and dropped below the box at 300. so maybe a foot low on the zero cross hair x.
    I'll need to use the next hash on the scope for 300 yards.
    I was shooting off a bag laying on the ground .
  2. fishingjoe

    fishingjoe New Member

    Those targets are...different. From what I can tell, good shooting!
  3. d4570

    d4570 Active Member

    My little granddaughter loves to shoot at them .
    All my guns are more capable them I am.
    When I accidently do it all right I like to show them off.
  4. What no Elk hunt?
    Good shooting.
  5. d4570

    d4570 Active Member

    I'm not a big elk hunter. WAY to much work.
    I have and have a great head in my shop to show for it, just doesn't get me off anymore.
    I'll help with the boys elk hunt and his moose hunt.
    I'll de trying for a bear in between .
  6. I agree, a lot of work, luckily the chap joining me this time is fit as a flea and is 20 years younger than me, so he can carry it if we find one (or two!)

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