Anyone still here?

Discussion in 'Montana Hunting Lounge' started by d4570, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. d4570

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    Anyone still here?
    Lets hear what's UP ???

    Most of my time and extra $$$, has been taken up with calling coyotes and working on my "water bug" airboat project. With the bulk of the Fur season past we only ended up with 24 sellable coyote pelts so far this year. We sold them off at an average of $62 and after paying for gas I put the remainder, a very small portion, in to the water bug. I'm having a "Shaft" machined to connect the VW motor from the fly wheel end to the Johnson snowmobile drive. that's $300. It will drive my prop with a Double chain. I'm thinking about using a car spindle and hub to mount the prop. I have to get with the prop people and see if they can do that.
    The Boy is back to work , BLM Fire guy" so we are down to calling coyotes on the weekend , the poorest time to do it. BUT I hope we can get a dozen or so more saleable pelts before there worthless. This weekend is the stupid "50 Super bowl" that will keep most the dog callers out of the field I hope. The weather is forecasted to be workable so I'm making a plan... [​IMG]
  2. Yes i still check in, and i follow your exploits with the boat/coyote hunting.
    Not a busy time of year for me, fly fishing is almost at a standstill apart from the Grayling.
    I have been deer hunting but it has been a little difficult this year with the high temps.
    But still, i will be busy soon i expect.
  3. d4570

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    Thanks for checking in
  4. Jim

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    I'm still here too!
  5. d4570

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    Jim !!!
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    I was finally able to get back in. Thanks Jim!
  7. d4570

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    Good to see some one else

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